This is the home page of cvs project of nxt.

Here is the current version of nxt (maybe it'll be a version 3.0.0).
Previous version of nxt (nxt version 2.3.1) locates in

What is "nxt"?

nxt is one of Magic Hand command.
Or one of one line shell script engine.

nxt is the fastest solution of file operation.

Example 1.
nxt .. g@foo.txt r@ n@bar.txt .[Enter]
1.nxt go to previous directory and execute ls command.
2.get file name of "foo.txt".
3.return to original directory.
4.rename as "bar.txt"
5.execute ls

Example 2.
nxt g@*txt text m@ .[Enter]
1.nxt get "*txt" file name.
2.go to "text" directory.
3.move the files of "*txt" to current directory.
(nxt's move command is "REAL MOVE" command.(cp A B;rm A;))
4.execute ls

Example 3.
nxt src "emacs nxt.c" .. make[Enter]
1.nxt go to "src" directory.
2.execute "emacs nxt.c"
4.execute "make"

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